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Sometimes I do requests and sometimes I don't idk, but I love art trades *nudge nudge wink wink*

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So I drew Feferi with a crop top, and I’m currently drawing Jade with heart garters, I think I’m sensing a series here

Headcanon that after going through all her transformations, Aradia literally doesnt give a heckie what gender or pronouns people use for her, because she's gendervoid or maybe agender but really she feels shes progressed beyond gender in a way


there’s a lot of false information circulating right now, so before you reblog something research it to the best of your abilities.  getting information circulated is a great thing, but not so much when it’s all false!!

This is rushed because I was tired of having it as a WIP but I was tired of working on it so that’s why it’s bad and I’m not gonna make another comic for a long time

These aren’t my oc’s they’re turntech—gnostalgic's and I just drew fan art of them
Lmao I’m the only one who knows about Katie’s oc’s so you won’t find them on their blog yet


just a quick drawing of a dragon


just a quick drawing of a dragon

Have a transparent Damara pixie to drag around your dash!
((credits to Sky/taggerific for making this transparent because idk how to do that myself oops))

Have a transparent Damara pixie to drag around your dash!

((credits to Sky/taggerific for making this transparent because idk how to do that myself oops))

Sometimes I forget that normal shows/movies arent like Orange is the New Black and I’m like “Where are the lesbians? Where are these women characters interesting backstories? Why is there so much focus on the men? Why is everyone white? Where is the FEMSLASH?” And then I remember


Quick sketch of Aradia for a friend!


Quick sketch of Aradia for a friend!

I can’t remember all of my dream last night but I can remember part of it and I was at a picnic bench tea party with a bunch of other people and some children, and I ended up rudely telling a kid that I was hella gay but then I changed it and was like “ayyyy I’m bisexual!” And then the kid started throwing things like beads and pencils at me and eventually I had had enough so I started collecting what he threw and put them in a cup. When the kid saw that I had a full cup he ran away but I caught up to him and dumped it all on him and then went back to the table and was very happy with myself and then I woke up

Oh right I got an instagram last night so if you want to know it please ask me off anon!

Ahaha I wrote another fantroll fic, this one’s just about Alkala though


                Sometimes she thought she should work more on the so called ‘art of quadrants.’ “Sure,” she thought, she had a healthy kismeisistude with Souloi, but honestly Alkala had always fancied herself good at black kinds of relationships anyways. It was just so much fun to poke fun at people, and she could never imagine being all lovey-dovey like some matesprits are.

                The usually full of energy blueblood poured a cup of troll coffee and sighed; it wasn’t a secret to anyone that she hated mornings and could never get through the first few hours without something with caffeine. It was looking to be a terrible day outside anyways, rain pattered lightly on the windows of her hive.

                Sitting back in a plush cerulean beanbag chair and waiting for the coffee to kick in, she decided to think about this issue a little more. “It’s not like I have anything more fun to do today, might as well do some introspection,” she reasoned.

                No, she could never stomach sappy romcoms where all the trolls waxed red constantly. And she was never very good at listening to other trolls problems either. One time she met a paranoid brownblood while flarping that she made moirials with and that didn’t last very long. Quite honestly Alkala couldn’t take the trolls paranoid ramblings and they fought about communication twice before they called it quits. “She never wanted to hear about my cool successes, what was even so great about telling her my problems anyways” Alkala thought and made a small half grumble half huff noise.

                As for being an auspice, that was something she hadn’t tried yet, although theorizing about it didn’t go so well. She could just see it now, “Will you both just shut up! You’re both making things so overcomplicated geez! Well while you two argue I’m gonna go do something more fun!” and so on.  Alkala sighed over dramatically even though no one was around to hear it. “Guess I’m just not a troll person,” she whispered to herself and smirked.

                Brushing her blue bangs out of her face, she stood up. The drizzle had stopped and slivers of blue were intermixed with the cloud cover. “Eh, enough of this” she said to herself, a sharp-toothed grin spreading across her face, “fuck it, I’m gonna go flarp.”

*whispers* u should write about ur fantrolls more *throws flower petals at u and runs away*

Well I know what huge hecka nerd sent this anon

But yes I should and I definitely will write about them more

((*whispers quietly* I’ll especially write about them if people give me fic scenarions))

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