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I’m a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

I’m a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

Tfw you have 2 pictures in drafts and one of them looks good on desktop but not on mobile and the other one looks good on mobile but not on desktop

But it's incredible, so incredible,I'm travelling like the light
But it's incredible, so incredible,
I'm travelling like the light


more information!! See the designs here this is mostly a thing of a bunch of notes and ideas I’ve thought up about this AU I’ll think of more stuff later and feel free to ask about shit because it’ll help me develop this au!

Feferi- she is the one who stays in her seal form the longest out of all the seadwellers, and almost never goes on land. In fact she only goes on land for special occasions like holidays and celebrations, hence why you can most often see her wearing traditional clothing ((I chose the Harp Seal for Fef because it’s the most adorable type of seal and Feferi is the cutest okay))

Eridan- he splits time in his seal form and human form pretty equally. He spends a lot of time cleaning the beaches of litter and grumbling to himself ((Eridan got the Ribbon Seal mostly because of the stripes idk this one doesn’t have a lot of reasoning))

Meenah- To start, the Mediterranean Monk seal is very endangered, and so they’ve moved to caves to avoid being wiped out. I find that similar to how Meenah escaped to the moon when she was alive. So Meenah lives in a cave mostly, her clothes are either what has washed up to her home or patchworks sewn of scraps of fabric

Cronus- The Galapagos Fur Seal is an eared seal, which means that it’s not a “true” seal, ALSO Cronus spends more time on land than any of the others here. He’s not a true seal and he wants to become human but he can’t, OuO

The Condesce- she’s just as much a sharp businesswoman as she is a vicious seal. Nobody knows how she balances time as a seal with being the head of a growing corporation, but she does. (this is undecided, but she might be running for a chair of the New Zealand parliament? idk yet) ((I think her being a Leopard seal is already explanatory considering her personality))

Dualscar- Now Dualscar is an absolute tool fuckboy. He’s a male model, and he has 2 faded scars on his back, selkies have naturally very fast healing properties, so smaller scars disappear fast and are easily covered up by modeling makeup, but those 2 are the only ones that leave a mark. He refuses to talk about where they came from, instead making up a different story every time (meaning I don’t have a reason for them, but oh well) ((he’s the Elephant Seal because they are huge and strong, I know they’re ugly as heck but selkies are also supposed to be very beautiful in their human forms, so Dualscar just gets a lot of muscle))

new au neW AU NEW AU NEW AU


A lot of people imagine the seadweller trolls as mermaids, but what if they were selkies instead? Yee nice. 

Okay so each troll has a different type of seal that I feel fits them, I will make a post later with stuff about each of them, and their explanations as to why. ((edit: that post is here!)) Also each of their human forms have races/ethnicity based around where those particular seals live!

Feferi- Harp Seal- Greenlandic Inuit (Tuniit specifically)

Eridan- Ribbon Seal- mixed Russian and Aleut Indian

Meenah- Mediterranean Monk Seal- mixed Greecian Albanian Turkish

Cronus- Galapagos Fur Seal- Mestizo (Spanish descent)

The Condesce- Leopard Seal- New Zealand Maori

Dualscar- Northern Elephant Seal- White Hispanic (Californian)

I have this problem where when I dont know what to doodle in class I default to Megidos (usually it’s Aradia but these were just from Physics class today)

*whispers* genderfluid Kanaya who engineers their skirt to be able to change into red skinny jeans and back whenever they feel like changing their gender expression



Was it ever stated in canon that Furnace that it was an all boys prison?

It should be assumed since u don’t put males and females in the same prison??

Well I mean they can’t just make a separate Furnace for girls because I think it said in the first book that Furnace was built in like a fissure or crack in the Earth so they can’t exactly build another one it’s a p unique spot

Tbh I just kind of thought that there was a womens section on a different floor since it’s such a deep place and all but it’s also still up in the air of whether girls were affected by normal nectar (because they could be affected by berserker nectar but that’s different) soo

Levi: making my way downtown
Levi: walking fast
Erwin: Join the survey corps!!!
Levi: walking faster
I feel like Damara does the same things that I do when I’m sick, that is, stay at home alone, use up an entire bag of cough drops, complain constantly, and make loud sniffly sick noises all day

I feel like Damara does the same things that I do when I’m sick, that is, stay at home alone, use up an entire bag of cough drops, complain constantly, and make loud sniffly sick noises all day

I’ve been redesigning my oc, Quinn, she’s Mori now!

I’ve been redesigning my oc, Quinn, she’s Mori now!

Guess who is sick?? It is me I am sick and somehow my sickness woke me up early yay fun

New thing nobody cares about!!

Quinn my OC is definitely Mori girl now omg it fits her so well